Question: Did you enjoy science at high school?

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  1. I loved science at high school! So much that when it came time to choose my subjects for year 11 and 12 even though I was the only person who wanted to do any science I begged the school to find a way and I ended up studying physics, chemisty and biology through School of the Air.

    This means that during the term I had my lessons over the computer once or twice a week, and then travelled to Adelaide (I lived in South Australia then) once a term for a week to do lab work.


  2. I really enjoyed science at high school! I had a really great science teacher in Year 9, called Mrs Becker. She loved science, and would make up songs to help us remember photosynthesis and all the major blood vessels, would let us do crazy experiments, and always had a story to help us remember what we’d learnt in class. I loved biology, and spent so much time studying that I sort of neglected all my other subjects a fair bit, and would spend all of my free time coming up with experiments like comparing how plants grew in soils collected from different parts of our town, or which foods would work best for dying pieces of cloth. I actually got to do Year 11 biology in Year 10, because I’d already done the Year 10 work! Because we were in Alice Springs, we learnt a lot about arid zone ecology, which was part of the reason I wanted to go into conservation ecology and environmental rehabilitation.

    I also really enjoyed physics, again, thanks to a really good teacher. Mr Igoe always had great examples, usually involving taking over the world, firing things from canons, or blowing things up. My favourite was in Year 11, when we got to come up with our own topic for a thermodynamics assignment, and I decided to find figure out what size/type of explosion or heat source it would take to melt the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    The only science I didn’t really enjoy in high school was chemistry. I just never found a way to understand it, that made everything ‘click’. I could do the experiments, and produce the right results, but if you asked me anything to do with WHY or HOW it worked, I couldn’t tell you. Even now, I have trouble remembering things, and have to go back to my textbooks.


  3. We had physics, biology and chemistry. I enjoyed chemistry and biology, but not much of physics.
    The physics teacher was a man of bit scary and that affected me not to enjoy that subject, I guess.


  4. I did enjoy science in high school, though I never took biology! I never thought I was going to become a biologist, so I took physics and chemistry. If there’s a lesson in there, it’s that you never know how your life is going to go, so keep your options open!


  5. Very much so. I believe some people are born with a “science brain” and love chemistry, physics, biology and maths, and others are born with a “non-science brain” and they are excellent at foreign languages, history etc.

    I’m slightly embarrased to tell you this (so keep it to yourself), but when I was a kid playing with my barbie dolls, I used to make little books that could go into the barbie doll house and those books were ‘anatomy’, ‘biology’, ‘science’ etc. I asked for a toy microscope for my birthday once and used to go and collect water from the ponds to have a look at what I could see in there.