Question: Are junk foods that bad? how do junk foods effect your bodies?

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  1. great question and the answer is yes and no. Having junk food once in a while, especially if you’re generally healthy is not a problem in my opinion.

    But….if you eat junk food every week for several weeks, months or even years, it will affect your body. As you will know, there is a lot of fat, energy and salt in junk food. If we eat more energy than we need, your body will store the extra energy as fat. In Australia, more than 50% of the adults are overweight or obese, which means all of these people eat more energy than they need.

    Fatty foods (burgers, chips, chocolate) but also food with loads of sugar (soft drinks), over time will increase your body fat. That not only gets stored in your fat tissue, but will also end up on the inside of your blood vessels. You can imagine if the blood vessels of your heart get full of fat, they will clog up and that is how people get heart attacks!

    So for you young spring chickens, you will often be able to eat junk food without getting fat, because you often exercise a lot and have a good metabolism. But….if you keep eating like that after you leave high school, you might get extra fat being stored in your body which will not only make you heavier but will also clog up your blood vessels.

    So in moderation with a healthy body, no problem!