Question: isnt this bad for the body? wouldnt it be healthier to lose weight from exercise, diet and other natural things?

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  1. Yes, you are completely 100% right. The tricky bit is that for many people, they just can’t say no to junk food (I can’t say no to chocolate and ice cream) and they don’t want to do extra exercise to burn the extra energy that they eat.

    I’ve mentioned it before in some answers, but you young ones are lucky because your bodies still have a high metabolism rate, which means your body burns lots of energy. But the older you get, that burning process slows down and that’s when it’s very easy to get fat.

    What you might no know is that the brain controls your metabolism (burning of energy) and your food intake. If you go on a diet and you don’t eat enough energy, you’re brain thinks you are starving and will slow down your metabolism and will make you want to eat even more. So it’s not that hard to start a diet, but to keep it up for more than a week means you’re fighting your brain and natural survival instincts.

    And not all people enjoy exercise or just don’t do enough. Or once they’re already very heavy, they can’t do exercise or feel embarrased about their body. So we really need to find a ‘magic pill’ that can help these people.