Question: What is the fastest way to lose weight

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  1. I have wondered that myself for years, and now that I work in weight loss research, I know the answer.

    However, be very careful! Over exercising or dieting can be very very bad for your body and many people have died over-doing it.

    But to be honest, studies have shown that a combination of increasing exercise (not too much) and reducing food intake is the best, followed by diet alone and then exercise. Studies have also shown that you’re better of doing 20 to 30 minutes for moderate to intense exercise than 1.5 hours of jogging or going to the gym. So short bursts of intense exercise are more effective in burning fat than long but moderate exercise.

    Food wise, DO NOT STOP EATING! Your brain senses your food intake and regulates your metabolism. If you don’t eat enough, your brain will tell your body to stop burning fat and preserve energy. So that’s why so many people that initially loose weight gain weight again after they start eating normal again, because their metabolism has slowed down.

    It’s best to eat moderate, increase your protein intake, and reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake. However, you NEED fats and carbohydrates, so don’t try to cut them out of your diet.

    Studies have shown that protein will make you feel full for longer, so in stead of having a slice of toast for breakfast (is carbohydrates), try yoghurt or cereals with milk! You’ll feel fuller for longer and this might help stop those cravings for a snack.