Question: Would the drug that allows us to stay thin or loose weight be safe for children and teenagers to use?

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  1. Probably yes, but……as I have answered in a previous question, in the past 10 years, there has not been any new drug for weight loss. This is because all the drugs that the companies have developed, turned out to have really bad side effects and are therefore not safe for humans to use.

    Same with our drug that we found stops mice from getting fat on a McDonalds diet, there could be side effects that are really bad for people.

    The problem with children and teenagers is of course, that they are still growing and developing. So weight loss drugs might work on them, but might affect their growing and development!

    The best way for young people to loose weight and stay thin is exercise! You young spring chickens have a much higher metabolism and energy than us adults (you’ll find out once you pass 28…). So it’s easy for you guys to loose weight with the right food and exercise. Once you’re older, it’s a lot harder.