Question: When do you think the world will run out of natural resources?

  1. Dear Nandoslover : To answer this question, we should define ‘natural resource’ first. Resources are understood in the sense of science and technology development, how they become useful to mankind. Every natural resource is only potential resource until technology get to use them for making something out of it.

    If you are asking about the underground coal or oil, mineral or such kinds, certainly they will run out someday, even though we do not know exactly when. Therefore, we should be very careful of using them.

    The sun light and wind are good natural resources also. Scientists get to use them to make energy already. However, its cost efficiency still need a lot of improvement.

    As conclusion, the underground natural resources are limited, but not the sun light as long as the sun shines. You asked very important question for conservation of energy resources.


  2. No, it will never run out of solar power or wind energy for example. And we’ll find other sources of natural energy we haven’t found yet or improve some of the inventions we already have! The problem is, we have much better ways of getting energy to power our cities, but often the technology is more expensive than cole or gas, so we don’t use it. But when cole, oil and gas run low (probably not too long from now), we will have to start using different technologies to generate energy.


  3. Can you name our most important natural resource?

    Many people think it is oil, coal, or minerals mined out of the ground. Really, one of our most important natural resources is *water*.

    Life on Earth cannot exist without water. We are completely dependent upon it, from drinking it ourselves, to watering crops. Some areas have a very real risk of running out of water, especially where there are droughts, with little ground water, and even less rain. Many places have poisoned water supplies, contaminated with waste or dangerous gases and minerals in the ground, problems with rising water tables caused by increased salt or erosion, etc. Unlike energy sources, we do not have an alternative for water. Coal and gas can be switched to solar and wind power, but we can’t swap anything in if we run out of water. We have improving technology so that we can use water more efficiently, pull fresh water out of the sea (desalination), or even reclaim it from sewerage (recycled water), but it is important that we are very careful about how we use water, and that we keep developing technologies for the future.