Question: Are you all excited about meeting all the students.


  1. Dear Redpanda; You bet I do. I am in Korea now but will go back to Nepal in 3 weeks. I will be very happy to meet my students again and specially the 9 students of my PBL(Problem Based Learning) group. I made an album of 80 photos of my PBL group and showed it to many people in Nepal and in Korea.

    However, people just scanned through them and no exicitement in their faces. I can go through each photo with all the good memories and recall the details. I wondered what makes the different feelings of the same photos.

    Then I remembered some lines of the ‘Little Prince’. The Little Prince loved one particular rose than any others in the world because he did water that rose, made shade for it, picked the bug out of it, cared for it and loved that particular rose.

    Those Nepali students are mine just like that rose of the Little Prince.


  2. Hi Redpanda: It’s been really great talking to all of the students, and finding out what sort of science you guys and girls are all into! I hope we get to have some more great discussions this week, because I’ve been learning heaps.


  3. yes, I enjoy it! It’s a good distraction from my work and a bit of a challenge to answer really hard questions in a normal language (not a science language).

    But I find the chat sessions quite hard. I can type very fast, but I struggle to answer all the questions because they come so fast!


  4. Its been great meeting all the students online – though the chat sessions are sometimes hard to keep track of! I’ve learnt a lot of stuff int he last week researching answers to some tricky questions people have been asking, and I can’t wait for more to come this week!


  5. It’s the last day of the competition, and I can definitely say that I’ve had a great time chatting with the students in the chats and in the questions. And if I’ve helped inspire excitement about science in return, then I think that that’s a win all around!