Question: How do you feel about Nepali kids being able to take part in the Science Camp?

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  1. Dear Hendogee; The Science Camp with the Nepali and Korean kids will be very exciting and rewarding. But it is only a wish and dream at this stage.

    Nepal is one of the 20 poorest countries but the school children are not poor in their hearts and dreams. I visited an orphanage where 440 children living together in two camps about an hour distance by bus. They can speak good English and they are eager to learn. Every morning, they shout “We are the future of Nepal! We are the hope of Nepal!”

    I am sure it will be an eye-opening experience for both Korean and Nepali kids. I am excited just thinking about it. I will do my best for that ‘dream’ to come true.


  2. I think Soon is the only one that can asnwer this brilliant question!


  3. I think this is definitely a question that only Soon can answer.