Question: if you could go any where in the world?? and why??


  1. I’ve been to a lot of places. I’m from Canada, and I’ve been all across Canada; I’ve been to the United States several times, though I have a lot of places left to go in the US. I’ve lived in Germany, and seen a lot of Western Europe. Now, I live here in Australia, and I’m slowly starting to see more of Asia (we just got back from a trip to Japan a couple of months ago). If I could go anywhere right now, though, I think that I would go to Africa. It’s on my list to see the Serengeti, to go on a photo safari, to see Egypt and the other parts of Northern Africa, and so on.

    One of the nice things about being a scientist is that as a career, it has great potential to move all over the world as you bounce from university to university. It also has the potential for a great deal of travel if you’re interested in that, what with conferences, field work, and so on. Of course, at the same time that’s also the downside of an academic career, since there is a great deal of pressure to move around a lot if you want to be a successful scientist. It’s not an absolute requirement, but many people – like myself – do move for the job. If traveling’s your goal, then science is a career that can help you get that done, but if you don’t care for it, be sure that you can make your career work without moving before getting too deep.


  2. LIke Steven, I’ve been quite lucky in being able to travel for my work. Last year, I got to visit New Zealand for a conference, and then I got to spend 3 weeks in Italy after a conference in Milan. This year, I was again very lucky to go to a conference in Canada, so I spent a couple of days after it had finished riding a bike around Vancouver, and taking in all the lovely parks and history!

    I would love to go and travel around South America, especially Brazil and the Amazon River. I love finding out about other cultures, how people live, their traditions, foods, and I love exploring new environments. And after living in Australia, it really doesn’t get much different than the Amazon! I would love to spend a few months learning about some of the different plant and animal species, how they interact with their environment, and how humans are impacting on that.


  3. Tahiti! I think it’s pretty obvious why, tropical island, warm water, diving/snorkling, etc! I’ve seen all of Europe, most of West Canada, New Zealand and Australia, Vietnam & Cambodia, but have never really relaxed on a lazy tropical island. I want to walk straight from my bed into the ocean


  4. Dear TJ; I feel like the answer must be somewhere, very remote. But I would like to start from where I am. I like to visit the Kingdom Bhutan to stay for a month, but not easy to do so as I hear. The Kingdom Bhutan is bordered right next to Nepal(where I live now) but restricted to enter the country as foreigner. They allow tourists to stay only a few days, if ever admitted!

    The people of Bhutan is known to be the first of the Satisfactory index of life(Happiness index) in the world. That is the reason why I want to visit Bhutan and live among them for a month, at least.