Question: What happens at the science camp in Korea?

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  1. Dear Beth; The science camp I did recently was a two-day program with the 5th graders mostly.
    Ten children, the Chinese-Korean living in Yanbien, China were invited. The local Korean children and one from USA participated in that camp. Usually it makes less than 30 children.

    On the first day, they were sent to the ‘International Expo’ in Yeosu which took them for an hour. They had chance to see the exhibits of different countries, to visit the climate section, aquarium, etc. They stayed until night to appreciate the laser beam show called ‘Big O show’.

    On the second day, they had hand on science experiments, such as making fossil finger, model making of lung function(inhaling and exhaling) with their principles explained,

    They also get to learn PREZI, a zooming power point and they had to make presentation of their own story in PREZI. Some did about their dreams in the future and others about what they did during the vacation. Still others took subjects of experiments they want to carry out. It is good to stimulate their imagination. One presentation was very interesting. She wanted to make a translator which can be used to communicate with her guinea pig.

    The presentation time is called ‘Practice Conference’. It is done just like the science conference of scientists. It is kind of imitation of adult conference. There is presider, speaker, and questions were encouraged from the floor. It is designed to improve their presentation skill and raise up the leadership as they have to give speech in front of friends, teachers and parents. After that we take group photo followed by a reception dinner. It is cool, isn’t it.



  1. Sounds fun!