Question: If there is no gravity in space, how do we know the Earth is upright or if we are upside down or is it the right way up?


  1. Dear Doggyke; about your question, I found this from internet.
    ‘Is there gravity in space?

    There is gravity everywhere. It gives shape to the orbits of the planets, the solar system, and even galaxies. Gravity from the Sun reaches throughout the solar system and beyond, keeping the planets in their orbits. Gravity from Earth keeps the Moon and human-made satellites in orbit.

    It is true that gravity decreases with distance, so it is possible to be far away from a planet or star and feel less gravity. But that doesn’t account for the weightless feeling that astronauts experience in space. The reason that astronauts feel weightless actually has to do with their position compared to their spaceship. We feel weight on Earth because gravity is pulling us down, while the floor or ground stop us from falling. We are pressed against it. Any ship in orbit around the Earth is falling slowly to Earth. Since the ship and the astronauts are falling at the same speed, the astronauts don’t press against anything, so they feel weightless.’ Does it help?


  2. mmmm interesting question!

    Well, there IS gravity in space, it’s just different to that of our Earth.

    Although scientists are still arguing about what gravity exactly is and where it comes from, it’s basically a mass attracted to another mass. So on earth, your body mass (small) is attracted to the mass of the earth (massive).

    So when you fly through space and land on a planet, you WILL experience some form of gravity. On the moon, it’s 6 times less than on earth. So when you jump, it will take longer to fall back to the surface, but you will eventually have your feet back on the moon again!

    The gravity on Uranus (1.1 x less), Venus (1.1 x less), Mars (2.6 x less), Mercury (2.6 x less) and Pluto (17x less) are all lower than the gravity you have on Earth. On Pluto for example, you could jump up and it would take you aaaaaages to step back on the surface again. The gravity on Pluto is almost 3 times less than the Moon, so just imagine how awesome that would be!

    Gravity on the sun is almost 28 times more than on the earth. Because of this, the earth is attracted to the sun and circles the sun, not the other way around! The gravity on Jupiter is 2.5 more than on Earth. So…..if you’re taking a stroll on Jupiter, it would feel a LOT heavier (more pull towards the surface). If you would fly there in a space craft, you would have to be careful the gravitational pull doesn’t make you crash and if you’d jump, you’d land back on the surface a lot quicker than on earth.

    As for the upside down right way up question part, there is no up or down! Because earth and the other planets are all round and we’re all floating around in space, you can’t tell what is up or down. Whatever planet you land on, it will have some sort of pull towards the core of the planet. So it doesn’t matter on what side of the planet you stand, you will always be pulled towards the core in the same way!