Question: This is just WRONG! are you suggesting taking drugs is a good thing? You should make teenagers aware of the consequences if they do get obese, instead of encouraging them to take drugs.

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  1. hahahahaha, great question/statment and I’m happy you brought it up!

    Believe me, I’m not encouraging anyone to take the drugs I’m working on! Even IF we find it works in people, I’m 100% sure docters would not give the drug to people who can still lose weight with diet or exercise.

    Any yes, prevention is always better than a cure, and that the way to do this is by educating people…..

    But….unfortunately Australia is now one of the fattest countries in the world! More than 50% of adults and about 17% of kids and teenagers are overweight or obese. I’m not making this up, it’s the truth and it’s very sad….

    You sound like someone who eats well and does exercise, but loads of people eat too many foods high in fat and sugar. And they don’t do enough exercise. And although they ALL KNOW that you need to eat healthy and exercise to prevent obesity, most are simply too lazy to change their life-style, some cannot do any exercise and some are unlucky and have a very slow metabolism.

    Often, these people simply don’t know what the consequences are of being overweight, apart from having to buy bigger clothes. They don’t know that by being overweight, they have more chance of getting a heart attack, of getting diabetes, of getting cancer….they just don’t know.

    My supervisor/boss is a medical docter. Every monday she has patients who are overweight and have diabetes, and even though she tells them every week they need to change their life style, most refuse to do that!

    So…..the reason why a pill could be a good option is that those stubborn people will lose weight. This will eventually decrease the number of people that die from obesity or related diseases and it will cost the government less money to take care of these people.

    So I FULLY agree with how you feel, that it is wrong to give people a diet pill, but unfortunately we really have to come up with a new therapy because people refuse to diet and exercise.

    I hope to visit some schools next year and teach the students about calories, how many they should eat, how your body burns the calories and how to prevent from getting obese!