Question: What is the scariest ride in the world? Does science make it scary?

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  1. I’m not big on the really scary rides, because on the really bad ones I tend to get motion sickness which doesn’t make it a lot of fun. But science does definitely play a role in the design of rides; physics and materials science come to mind as two areas that would play a big impact. In the end, though, engineers will do most of the work, applying the science in a practical way.


  2. The scarier the better! I love rollercoasters and anything that gives you an adrenaline rush! I could spend the whole day in a rollercoaster ride!

    The scariest rides I’ve been on are the ones that are really really steep! Like it’s almost vertical when you roll down….

    Science for sure has a role to play in the design of any ride! You need materials that are strong enough so they won’t break ofcourse. And then there’s the g force effect. It’s a little complicated but it is the gravity you feel during acceleration compared to free-falling.

    If you would fall from the sky, you would feel no g force. But….if you had a rocket strapped to your back pushing you down towards earth while you were falling, you would feel a g force! It’s the same force you feel when you’re in a plane at take-off or in a really fast car going from standing still to high speed.
    In rollercoaster rides you also experience a g force. But they have to design the rides so the g force is not too great! Fighter jet pilots and people who fly to the moon experience a very high g force and even need to learn how to breath properly while they experience the g force, otherwise they can become unconscious. So if the g force in your rollercoaster rides was too high, we’d all be unconscious by the end of the ride….