Question: what is your favourite app on iPad/iPhone/iPod?

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  1. I have a lot of favourites. I read a lot of scientific papers on my iPad, and a lot of books as well; for reading, I love Kindle / iBooks / Goodreader. I use it for presenting talks instead of a laptop, for which I use GoodReader and Keynote. When I feel like doing some drawing or sketching, I use procreate on the iPad and OmniGraphSketcher when I want to sketch graphs for my scientific papers. I use Things to keep my todo list organised across my iPhone and iPad. For note-taking, I use Notability and Corkulous Pro (couldn’t live without Corkulous now! It’s where I keep all of my research ideas). I do a lot of web browsing and social media on the iPad and iPhone, so I use the Facebook and Twitter apps a lot (though I’m using Tweetbot more these days). I use Maps a lot on my phone, and when I want to write on my iPad I use PlainText and Writeroom. I like News360 for news on the iPad. Finally, I’m also playing a few games on the iPad, including Battleheart, Dead Trigger, and Chrono Trigger (ah, the days of my youth!).


  2. unfortunately…I’m one of those people who doesn’t own any Apple products (!!!!!). That makes me very special, but it also means I MISS OUT on all those brilliant apps!

    The last new phone I bought was a Nokia (E72, looks like a blackberry), because I’ve always likes Nokia phones and didn’t like the whole Apple empire….But, I now realize that I can’t get any good apps (not even Android) on my phone and really regret not buying an iPhone!

    So sorry, I can’t answer your question.

    But for my next phone, it will be the new Samsung Galaxy SIII or an iPhone!