Question: what is your favourite country?

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  1. hehehehe, my favorite country I have visited was Canada and in particular the Rocky Mountains in West Canada. It’s a huge national park where no one lives. The mountains are massive, the lakes are freezing cold and very blue…’s what I imagine heaven could look like. I’ve seen several bears as well and they say people who go through the national park by push bike are “meals on wheels” (for the bears).

    But…..I’ve got the feeling I could love Tahiti even more, just haven’t been there yet!


  2. Honestly, I’ve in lived a few places now and I’ve been to a lot more, and right now I’d have to say that the UK is my favourite (especially Scotland and the coast of Ireland). Having said that, though, I haven’t explored as much of Australia as I would like yet, and I’m looking forward to visiting New Zealand soon – so maybe I’ll change my mind?