Vanessa Vaughan

Photo: Vanessa

Me and my Work: I’m a molecular nutritionist, and my research looks at a muscle wasting syndrome in cancer patients, known as cancer cachexia, and how nutrition may help prevent and treat this condition.

Status: Sad to have been evicted, but it has been a blast! Good luck to the remaining scientists!

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Steven Hamblin

Photo: Steven

Me and my Work: I study questions about viruses, like how they evolve and why they do weird things to their hosts like turn them into ‘zombies’ (not the undead, but how they control the host against their will).

Status: Oh irony of ironies, I've caught a cold while participating in the Disease Zone.

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Haeng Soon Park

Photo: Soon

Me and my Work: I teach biochemistry in a medical school in Nepal. I am very much interested in stimulating young people for scientific mind.

Status: Oh, yes! I am ready. I joined the chatting yesterday was fine.

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Natasha Langley

Photo: Natasha

Me and my Work: I’m working on some drug that can prevent you from getting fat, and can make someone who is already fat loose weight!

Status: Thanks for voting for me students!!! I've already got a great a idea of putting together a simple but awesome teaching program on how to prevent getting overweight and how to lose weight when needed!

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Kym Pyke

Photo: Kym

Me and my Work: I work in a pathology lab, testing blood and other pathology samples for diseases so that doctors can treat patients with the proper medications/treatment.

Status: Feeling a bit crook this weekend guys - promise I'll get through as many questions as I can and I'll get back into them first thing Monday morning! Sorry :(

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